There was a time when tales were told by wandering minstrels to eager crowds in the market square... there was a time when history was passed down from parents to children through myths, legends and fabulous fables... once upon a time... therein lies a tale... are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin...

I am a storyteller with a passion for entertaining. I love to make my audiences laugh, jump, sit on the edge of their seats and ultimately lose themselves in the worlds I create. Whether I’m telling terrible tales, marvellous myths or spinning good old fashioned action-packed yarns, I believe that first and foremost storytelling is fun. However it can of course be a great educational tool, an aid to reminiscence and useful in team building too.

I am experienced at storytelling for children and adults alike and have enjoyed captivating audiences at venues including:

Harvey-Salmon-storytellerStoryteller-landscapeThe National Theatre Museum, London
Ipswich Museum
Orford Castle, Suffolk
Time & Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth
St Joseph’s College, Ipswich
Norwich Castle Museum
The Harlequin Shopping Centre, Reading
Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, Norfolk
Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich
Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, Dereham

Bespoke Storytelling

Together with my wife, a writer, I offer a unique, personalised storytelling service. We will write and tell stories tailor made for your event, whatever the occasion. We can devise tales to suit any theme, dream up stories in which you, your child or your friends have starring roles and create madcap capers around specific locations... just tell us what you’d like and we’ll do the rest.

“Harvey is a talented, adaptable and energetic storyteller who has engaged our visitors as a range of different characters...I would definitely recommend him to bring life and excitement to your event”

Rachel MacFarlane, Ipswich & Colchester Museum Service