A Professional Role Player

Roleplay is one of the most powerful and honest forms of acting - up close and personal, based on real life situations, there are no second takes and no room for mistakes. As a professional role player I thrive on the challenge of making every performance authentic and take pride in bringing integrity and truth to each and every situation.

From blue chip companies to the public sector, more and more organisations are realising the value of using professional role players in their training and development programmes.   In the medical profession role players are essential in helping doctors learn how to diagnose complicated conditions, break bad news and improve their patient consultation techniques. I am experienced in all these situations.

My work as professional role player has included the following projects:

Rewarding Performance for Barclays Appraisal Training for Care Base 
Recruitment Training for Carlsberg Tetley Interview Techniques for John Innes Centre  
Sales Representative Training for Siemens Interview Techniques for Charles Wells Brewery    
Handling Grievances for Sir Robert McAlpine Communication Skills for The Royal Shakespeare Company   
Executive Training for IPSOS-MORI   Back To Work Interviews for Norfolk County Council  
Showroom Executive Training for Aston Martin  Diagnostic & Consultation Training for James Paget Hospital  
Diagnostic Training and OSCEs for Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Diagnostic Training and OSCEs for Royal College of Psychiatry  
Doctor Training for UEA Medical School Doctor Training and OSCEs for Addenbrookes Hospital 
Interview Techniques for Hightown Praetorian Housing  Diversity Training for Great Yarmouth Council

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is an exciting and interactive form of drama that involves audience interaction and can help participants explore different options for dealing with a problem or issue. As a professional role player I have used this innovative technique to great effect with clients including Sir Robert McAlpine, Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Council.

Public Speaking & Communication Workshops         

From dealing with nerves to learning how to hold an audience’s attention, as an actor and professional role player I am experienced at running workshops in public speaking and communication techniques.